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Munro Donen is Director and Principal of Propertybuyer East in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with a wealth of experience in real estate having worked in South Africa, UK and the last 21 years in Australia. Munro has excellent experience in the major capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

For Munro it’s all about ongoing relationships, he is a people person and builds long term relationships with his clients and networks, many of whom have become his personal friends.

He is an excellent negotiator who strives toward a win-win scenario and has built up a loyal client base of repeat purchasers of predominantly medical professionals.

Having worked across several property disciplines, Munro has a strong knowledge and understanding of the local Eastern suburbs property market and does what it takes to ‘close the deal.’

Once you meet with Munro you will quickly appreciate his passion for what he does and how he quickly builds rapport showing a genuine interest in his clients’ wellbeing.

His integrity, commitment and attention to detail together with an absolute can-do attitude are just some of his traits that his client’s value most.





Munro believes it’s not about a hard sell, but rather educating his clients to enable them to make better and more informed decisions.

Working as a Buyers’ Agent is very personal to Munro, who practices what he preaches and has an impressive portfolio of real estate in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Munro provides a safe pair of hands to trust and guide you and you can be assured that he will always have your best interests at heart.

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Review from Agent: Dealing with Munro was an absolute pleasure. He was upfront, honest and very thorough for he's clients. With all the properties I had shown him, videos with commentary were taken, comparable sales were compared and with this info, a fair offer submitted which sealed the deal for a house in Five Dock. Happy purchasers and vendors. I look forward to helping you secure further properties for your clients in the future.

Simon Furnari Belle Strathfield


I was never sophisticated in property in my home state of Qld, let alone my new home state of NSW. We hesitated for a long time to get on the property ladder due to our lack of knowledge and fear of making a bad decision. We were so glad to have the knowledge shared by Munro and we felt safe and in good hands the entire time making our home buying experience a great one. In our minds this was going to be a 3 month process - minimum. We acknowledge that we're picky and know what we want. So it's a testament to Munro taking our brief and understanding what we were after that only after our second day of inspections we found a place that ticked all the boxes. From engagement with Munro to exchanging contracts was 2 weeks. Our heads were spinning with how fast it all happened but as time poor professionals we're so glad this wasn't a drain on us and in 4 weeks time we move into a place all our own. We're so happy and excited to start our next journey as homeowners.

Client - Zane


Munro did a fantastic job and delivered above our expectations. When we began chatting to Munro about potentially working together, one of our key questions was, “how long is all of this going to take”. During this buying period, there was limited stock on the market, and house prices were rising by the day – it was important that Munro could find the property and make the purchase happen quickly. He was frank with us and explained that our brief would be very challenging but was doable. Further, Munro felt reasonably confident that he could meet our brief in three weeks. It only took him two and a half. Munro knows what he is doing. He is very connected within the Eastern Suburbs property market and knows how to cut to the chase. He can refine a brief within days, and it was not long before all of the properties he showed us met or exceeded our expectations. He managed to get everything we wanted, in the location we wanted, for a price below our budget. He is also an excellent communicator and kept us, as well as our mortgage broker and conveyancer, informed of what was going on at all times. Somehow he even made navigating real estate fun. I would happily recommend him Thank you very much, Munro, for everything that you have done for us.

Client - Thomas


Munro Donen has been the most incredible asset in the purchase of my first investment property. He was on the mark every time. He has excellent judgement in the market and has great taste in property. He was always patient with me and made himself available to me all the time. I felt like he was working in my best interest and he did not steer me in directions that would increase his commission if those directions would not lead to a better outcome for me. I would highly recommend Munro as your right hand man in your next property journey.

Client - Michelle


In the jungle that is Sydney’s property market it was wonderful to have Munro guiding the way, tirelessly looking for opportunities and warning of unseen dangers! Munro spent time up front really understanding my goals, needs and psychology in relation to buying a property. In a learning journey with high stakes decisions, Munro is adept at sifting through variables to help work out what’s really important. Not only does he really care but he makes the process as fun and his energy is infectious. We had numerous coffees and conversations, regularly refining and sharpening our focus. At the same time Munro is very shrewd when it comes to taking actions that gave me the best chance of securing a property - such as early viewings, off market listings and plenty of background conversations with his numerous agent contacts. In fact when I’d walk into a viewing with him, the agent would usually pay me special attention knowing that I was working with Munro. Getting down to details… I Iike to analyse the numbers and Munro provided very informative comparables, rent estimates and capital growth forecasts, with really quick turnarounds. He has extensive knowledge of the different suburbs and the relative value of properties based on local factors. And he’s a brilliant strategist when it comes to the auction room. During the process Munro was very transparent and I grew to trust and appreciate his savvy judgement – sometimes telling me it’s worth going for a property and other times guiding me to step back. He also really helped me navigate the complex process and connect with the maze of players from lawyers, to brokers to rental appraisers to architects and more. And up there with the property tips were his suggestions on donuts, coffeeshops, restaurants and bars in all the neighbourhoods! Bottom line is Munro gave me the confidence and tools to buying a property that I’m delighted with at a price that was really good buying, even in a crazy, sellers’ market. If you want an astute, passionate buyers agent on your side, and a friend, speak to Munro.

Client - Paul


It was a pleasure working with you Munro, and your buyer was both lovely and ultra qualified. Though it was very clear at every point you were working hard for your client it was an enjoyable experience. A win win I would say. I look forward to working with you again.

Agent - Brad


Munro was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He had a terrific work ethic and his regular concise communication made the process really simple. Ultimately, we were able to secure our dream property in only two weeks. We will definitely use Munro again next time.

Client - Jack


I had the pleasure just recently of selling one of my listings in Rosebery to Munro and one of his clients. I know Munro's clients that he brings to any of my properties are already qualified, "ready to buy" purchasers that have been sensibly guided by Munro on what the comparable sales are in the area and also how quickly to move when they have decided to move forward with an offer. To any buyers that are "time poor" and continually keep missing out on properties in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, should consider at least having a conversation with Munro on how he can assist you on getting your perfect property. No Nonsense, straight up Buyers Agent that goes the extra mile for his clients.

Agent - Brandon


Working with Munro was the best decision I made as a 2nd home buyer in Sydney. I wish I had done it sooner. Munro provides great advice and support in what is such a stressful and confusing time. Munro was always accessible and proactive in helping me find properties and encouraged me to think beyond what I was so fixed on. He goes beyond the call of duty, offering guidance and thoughts on renovations and who to talk to on all services associated with buying a place. But above all, he is understanding and treats you like a friend.

Client - Amanda


As a person growing up in another country and very unfamiliar with Sydney's real estate market, the idea of buying a property in the Eastern Suburbs looked like an impossible task to me when I started thinking about purchasing a first home for my family. I decided to engage a buyers agent to help me with this process and I was lucky enough to find Munro via a friend's recommendation. Munro is very passionate about his job, friendly and strongly motivated to get the best outcome for his clients. I felt in good hands since day 1 and one of the key benefits of having Munro on our side has been avoiding to purchase units that have strata issues and hidden risks that we would not have identified on our own. He has always been available to take phone calls and consistently kept us on track to look for new options. He also did a great job in keeping in touch with vendors agents and gathering useful information to inform our choices. We ultimately bought our unit (deceased estate) at auction at a price that was probably the minimum we were expecting, Munro did a great job in reading the room and bidding strategically to let the other buyers give up early. Thanks Munro for supporting us on this journey, we are so grateful!

Client - Benedetta


We engaged Munro at Property Buyer to obtain a unit in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney after having a positive experience with the company in Qld. After our first meeting it was clear he is a well organised buyers agent with a keen ear for what the client wants. He has been professional and courteous during the whole process, and has a strong work ethic. His in depth knowledge of the market, connections with local seller's agents and understanding of our specific requirements enabled us to find a great property within a short time. Buying property in Sydney can be an expensive and frustrating process- Munro was able to make the experience painless, and both time and cost efficient. We would strongly recommend his services to anyone wishing to buy in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Client - Shane


My wife and I have had professional contact with Munro for over 20 years in Australia, during which time we have utilized his skills to purchase multiple investment properties across three states.  He has always undertaken a thorough due diligence process and we have been delighted with the results and the clarity of his propositions.  
He made the process seamless and negotiated a fair price for all our purchases and also helped us to facilitate all aspects of the purchase including financial, legal and practical advice , he also appointed a property manager, on our behalf, who immediately secured tenants for us.  We are most appreciative of his assistance with the final inspections which we could never attend as they were interstate.  Munro gave us confidence and comfort in the process to completion and we always were assured of timely and accurate advice which was always in our best interest.  We look forward to using Munro to secure our next property investment and have no hesitation recommending him as a professional buyers agent who can assist you to build an exceptional property portfolio.  We would not even try to purchase a property without first consulting Munro and especially now during these Covid times as we are unable to travel interstate. 

Dr Sean & Pearl - Dentist WA


My experience with Munro as a Buyers' Agent exceeded all expectations.  I recently migrated to Sydney looking to purchase a home.  I provided him with my budget and idea of what my dream home should look like.  Munro guided me through the whole purchasing process and kept me regularly informed and updated.  He also referred me to a solicitor and mortgage broker which I used to settle my purchase.  He always considered my needs first and negotiated an excellent deal with the listing agent, with whom he struck up a great relationship.  Munro negotiated hard and ensured that I was getting good value for money and not overpaying.  I would not hesitate to recommend Munro to anyone looking to use his services.

Dr Gary - Vet NSW


I had engaged Munro as a Buyers' Agent on behalf of my medical clients.  I found Munro to display a high level of integrity and a thorough knowledge of the property market.  His diligent research and strong negotiating skills have resulted in securing superior investment opportunities for our clients.  It is with high conviction, that I would recommend Munro to anyone looking to engage an honest and ethical buyers' agent.  I certainly look forward to continuing my association with Munro well into the future.

Tony - Financial Planner QLD


I have known Munro Donen for close to 20 years as both a work colleague and friend.  We met when I was working in financial services as a Business Development Manager, and later continued the relationship when I was a Financial Planner.   I have always appreciated Munro’s directness, honesty, knowledge and professionalism.  I have no hesitation referring clients, friends and colleagues to Munro for advise on purchasing property in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.  I trust Munro to service the client/friend/colleague to the highest level and in their best interest.  Munro is motivated by doing right by the client, not what is in his best interests.  This is a rare trait in the property industry often more about  ‘smoke and mirrors’ than substance.  Munro’s extensive knowledge of the property market and his excellent service ethic will be an asset as a top buyer’s agent in Sydney’s, Eastern Suburbs Property market and beyond.

Sharon - Financial Planner NSW


I highly recommend Munro as its rare to find a professional who is so passionate about his work and loves helping others.

Munro has successfully negotiate a great deal for our clients over the years. And besides, his hard work, professionalism and incredible experience what I found unique is his ability to simplify buying process and achieve successful outcomes for buyers. 

Miraj - Financial Planner NSW


Helen's Story

Eastern Suburbs

Munro removed the stress of house hunting in a new city and made it an exciting and manageable experience.


Dr S's Story

Eastern Suburbs

I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in a similar position to myself.


Geetha's Story

Eastern Suburbs

Munro was excellent in helping to navigate that experience seamlessly


Khan & Mick's Story

Eastern Suburbs

Munro made a typically stress-induced process a breeze.


Katya's Story

Eastern Suburbs

Within two weeks Munro found me my dream home in Bondi which is above and beyond what I was hoping for in my budget!


Meishana & Kapua's Story

Inner West

We cannot recommend Munro highly enough as a buyers agent – An absolute Life Saver!




Buyer type: Home Buyer
Region: Eastern Suburbs

"I think that times are so erratic today, that you just have to trust the person that you choose to buy your property on your behalf. I don't think there's a black and white manual for anything that's happening in the property market today.

Munro doesn't give up. Morning, noon and night he's sending you through properties, and then he follows them up with phone calls, and then he does drive by's, and then he does walk through's, and then he gives you information on the areas around your property, and then he tells you how long it'll take you to walk to the beach, and where you can get a cappuccino. I have to give Propertybuyers' service a five star rating."


Buyer type: Home Buyer
Region: Eastern Suburbs

"Our biggest challenge looking on our own was the tough market, because a lot of the high quality properties are gone before they even hit the market, they didn't even publish the ad. Munro knows the Eastern Suburbs market very well. He knows the value of the property, which you as being a regular customer wouldn't be able to recognise that right away" 


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I worked with Munro and his team at Property Buyers to purchase my first home in Australia. From our very first meeting Munro was by my side helping me navigate the ...

Dinnesh Anamalay
November 2021

To put it very simply, Munro Donen is a Godsend. In my opinion, One of the best Buyers Advocates Money can buy in Sydney to help you secure your dream home. His ...


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