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Andrew’s Story

Northern Beaches Homebuyer

"..incredible, quite simply the difference maker.... "

Location: Northern Beaches

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: To buy a house on the Northern Beaches


I felt comfortable identifying the property we wanted, but less confident in engaging the Real Estate Agents and we had a strong preference to avoid an auction scenario, especially in this market. I was concerned if we went to auction, it would force us to significantly overpay for real estate.


Matt was incredible, quite simply the difference maker. He took the above concerns and used his skills/expertise to take away the stress and secure us a home as we wanted. After we felt amazing – got what we wanted at what we felt was a fair price for everyone, and it happened very quickly. I would say using your service gives you the edge you need to stand out from the pack and get in front of the queue in a crowded market. Ultimately, it makes all the difference – well worth the small investment to get the ultimate goal.

To Matt specifically – we very much appreciate his guidance through the process. His approach was absolutely first class and gave us all the confidence we needed. We would not have landed our home without him, so we will always appreciate that. Ig anyone in my circle of friends needed a buyers’ agent I would strongly recommend Matt hands down

“Ultimately, it makes all the difference – well worth the small investment to get the ultimate goal.”

Andrew G. IT Manager

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Andrew and Betty had located a property themselves but were unsure of the value and not comfortable dealing with the real estate agent. Hence, they signed up for our ‘Appraise and Negotiate service’. Within 48 hours we had completed our appraisal, had the contract reviewed and organised and reviewed a pest and building report, thus putting them in a position to buy. Unfortunately, we had competition and I advised them to walk away as another buyer paid well over fair market value in our opinion. However, Andrew and Betty’s disappointment was short-lived when I come across another property that evening and within less than 24 hours we had arranged access and all of the above once again, only this time securing the property at an excellent price. Andrew had previously seen the property online and dismissed it based on the fact that he thought it would sell in excess of his budget. After the purchase was completed, both Andrew and Betty were thrilled with the outcome – it was great to see!!

Matt Corbett

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