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David’s Story

Northern Beaches Homebuyer

"..focused on your needs and who you can trust.... "

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Location: Northern Beaches

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: Apartment to live in that is light and airy in a nice block


All I have ever wanted to do is retire on the Northern Beaches and needed professional help to do so.


I cannot recommend Property Buyer and particularly our buyer’s agent Matt Corbett highly enough! Because of them I’ve achieved my dream of owning my 1st home that met all my wants, and where I’ve always wanted to live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

What is important is that Property Buyer shouldn’t be viewed for just investors or those with big budgets. I am a case in point. It was my 1st purchase, a 2 bedroom apartment in Dee Why. The market here is moving quickly, with a lot of money and experienced investors. Overwhelming for a person such as myself with little experience.

Through Matt and his years of experience / property appraisals / inside knowledge, and contacts, he was able to provide all the necessary information, and advice about upcoming properties before I saw them. He narrowed down the maze of available properties to just a few key ones that met my buying criteria. Saving time effort and stress involved.

Property buyer didn’t try to sell me false expectations of what I could buy. They were realistic of what was available and focused on getting it. They handled all the paperwork, legalities, appraisals of strata notes and building inspection reports.

Matts ability to get 1st up access and information to properties. Some which hadn’t even come on the market. Gave me that extra time to be less hesitant, comfortable and more committed to the purchase.

I also used Matt to bid on my behalf at auction and he secured it 1st up against some very determined bidders. I know 100% without him I would not have secured it. His ability to read other bidders and psyche them out with his experience and intimidating presence tipped them out.

Matt worked hard and tirelessly for me. Was on call all hrs. Daily kept me up to date on the changing progress of the properties and their developments whilst providing professional advice and guidance. I can honestly say he is a really nice guy who is focused on your needs and who you can trust. Matt would love to share a beer with you when I move in.

My experience with Property Buyer is that it is a company that has integrity, professionalism and one you can trust.

My last word is for little buyers like myself is to at least look at and consider property buyer. The money you spend on them buys you professionalism and the edge that in a competitive market gives you the best chance of getting a place for yourself.

“I cannot recommend Property Buyer and particularly our buyer’s agent Matt Corbett highly enough!”

David B., Horticulturalist

Buyers' Agent Comments:

David had always wanted to own a home in the Northern Beaches. A keen fisherman, he wanted to be near the coast and close to his work in Dee Why. David was unsure of the buying process and uncomfortable dealing with real estate agents and negotiation. After a couple of weeks I found three properties that were suitable and provided an opinion of value on each. We let the first property go and concentrated on the second, a unit in Dee Why which had everything David desired – it was clearly his favourite. With a huge amount of interest, the property went to auction with about ten parties registered to bid. Less than 15 minutes later, we managed to secure the property and David was stunned. He couldn’t believe he finally owned a home. And the news got better, when a few days later his second choice property sold at auction for more than he had paid for his. David told me that he could have never done it without our assistance and helping him secure a home was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had since I started at propertybuyer almost a decade ago.

Matt Corbett

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