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Brian’s Story

Inner West Homebuyer

"..emotional support invaluable... "

Location: Inner West

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: Family home in Northbridge, renovation potential


To secure a family home within a price limit that we set at in the original brief.  We felt overwhelmed, we are working professionals with 2 young kids and organising things from the perspective of inspections, auctions etc would not work.  Our main worries were time, hassle of dealing with agents, being taken for a ride by agents, the hidden items such as pest and building, lawyers, surveyors, engineers etc.


Simply put, Matt Corbett solved things and took care of all those things listed above.  In addition, his emotional support was invaluable.  Afterwards we felt grateful and satisfied for having had Matt on board “to hold our hand”.  Having someone like Matt when you are “buyer” was as critical as having a trusted agent on board when you are selling.

“…having someone like Matt on board was critical.”

Brian L, Group Head OH&S

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Brian & Ana were looking for a family home in and around Northbridge. They were happy to purchase a house in good condition, but equally comfortable in securing a property with renovation potential. After considering neighbouring suburbs as an alternative to the very tightly held Northbridge, they concluded that Northbridge was indeed a preference. After extensive research and contacting all of the local agents we ended up securing a property at auction. It was well located with excellent potential and city views. Of additional comfort was that Brian & Ana knew that their extension & renovation plans would not be over-capitalising in the area.

Matt Corbett

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