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Carey & Chris’ story

Upper North Shore Homebuyer

"..Saved us the worry of actually bidding... "

Location: Upper North Shore

Price: $ 1,500,000

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: To represent them at auction


We came to Matt Corbett from propertybuyer 48 hours before the Auction of our dream house. We got cold feet about bidding and hired Matt to bid on our behalf.


I talked to Matt 2-3 times before the Auction on Saturday and I was reassured by his knowledge during our telephone conversations.

On Auction day, Matt chatted to the Vendor’s Agent and walked round the property to estimate its value. The Auction started and despite the fact that Matt had told us he’d hold off bidding early, I had to turn away and investigate the garden when the Auctioneer started closing and Matt still hadn’t bid. Just as the Auctioneer started to say “going for the third time”, Matt calmly raised a hand and said “and 20”. Matt was cool, calm and collected. Other bidders came, went and came back again, but Matt was a steady, quiet bidder throughout. He won us the house we wanted for much less than our maximum price, and he saved us the worry of actually bidding. A great result!

“He won us the house we wanted for much less.”

Carey & Chris

Buyer’s Agent’s Comments:

Carey and Chris contacted me 2 days prior to the auction of their dream home in Lindfield. They were nervous about bidding and afraid of being coerced into paying too much by the auctioneer or the sales agent.

 Matt Corbett

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