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Christie’s Story

Sydney CBD Homebuyer

"..was worth his weight in gold.... "

Location: Sydney CBD

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: To bid at auction


Purchase of a family home in a desired suburb in Sydney (as a first homebuyer we were absolutely reaching a little out of our league!). We felt overwhelmed. As a research and information lover, I had done copious research and felt that there was no way we could bid at auction as well as a professional. Our main concerns were we had a very similar price bracket to many many others, and needed a competitive, strategical edge.


Mr Taylor-Fick absolutely made the process enjoyable and dare I say it- fun! I was completely confident going in to the auction. Thrilled to have secured a dream property and received to not have to work the real estate world every Wednesday and Saturday! Absolutely bite the bullet and do it! There is a rhythm, strategy and flow to auctions and the property market has its own language. Nick was fluent in the language and seemed to be in control of the auction – as if he was right there with the auctioneer and anticipating the next moves, whilst the others were miles behind trying to catch up (eventually giving up!)

Despite copious amounts of research, open houses and auction attendances, when it came to purchasing the house of our dreams, my husband and I still felt unsure that bidding for ourselves would be putting our best foot forward.

We were reaching for a suburb and house that were right at the top of our price bracket and had missed out countless times before. I was determined not to let that happen again! Sydney property market had truly taken us for a ride for the best part of 12 months!

Having Nick on our side in the lead up to the auction meant he was a phone call away with any questions, which proved extremely helpful, and come auction date was the secret weapon we so desperately needed. Having watched the auction unfold I would NEVER attempt to purchase my own house again without the help of a buyer’s agent. Nick was worth his weight in gold, he remained calm, cool, collected and his experience shone through when others became twitchy and competitive. A persistent force to be reckoned with he managed to secure the property for $50 000 under our maximum bid with his carefully executed strategy and was genuinely happy for us throughout the process.

We used to tell people we were actively looking to purchase real estate but can now see in hindsight that we only got serious about property when we engaged Nick’s services. Within a week and only one auction – we had the house we were hoping for and never dreamed we could achieve!

If we decide to move or purchase another property – Nick will be the first person we call!

“Having watched the auction unfold I would NEVER attempt to purchase my own house again without the help of a buyer’s agent”

Christie L., University Lecturer

Buyers' Agent:

Nick Taylor-Fick

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