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Darlene’s Story

Southern Sydney Homebuyer

"..It was definitely a great decision.... "

Location: Southern Sydney

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: Auction Bidding


To purchase a house at auction at the right price and without the emotional roller-coaster. The thought of bidding at auction myself was very daunting – knowing we had a professional on our side was very reassuring.


Nick was FANTASTIC! We felt very comfortable and confident prior to auction day. Nick explained what he would do to help. We felt relieved and reassured. Ecstatic when we were the successful bidders! I would say go for it. It was definitely a great decision – no regret at all. We are very happy.

“We felt relieved and reassured.”

Darlene G., Executive Assistant

Buyers' Agent:

Darlene and Tony approached propertybuyer after finding the property of their dreams and engaged us to bid at auction for them.

As Darlene explained, they were not that knowledgeable and confident about the auction process and wanted a professional buyers’ agent to step in and take them through the last part of the process and to purchase the property. I had an initial phone conversation about their property of interest and listened to how they’ve arrived at this point. We talked about the property itself and the sales evidence they know about and the current market conditions. This particular property was a ¼ acre block in a semi- rural part of Sydney where judging by the number of past sales, I thought there could be strong demand for similar properties.

On the morning of the auction, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Darlene, Tony and their two sons at a café. We discussed everything again and I took them through my bidding strategy for the auction.

As we had some time, we drove to three of the sold properties in the immediate area and all this assisted with determining their maximum bid limit that I was allowed to bid too. The auction commenced and as I thought, there was strong interest in this property with eleven registered parties attending along with many other interested observers. Bidding was very competitive and I was a silent competitor until at a point was reached whereby I felt it was the right time to make my first bid. We were the successful bidders to the intense relief and joy of my clients.

Nick Taylor-Fick

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