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Dr Jason’s story

Upper North Shore Homebuyer

"..I highly recommend the team... "

Location: Upper North Shore

Buyer type: Homebuyer


I could not have been more impressed with the service provided by Propertybuyer and my buyers' agent Matthew Corbett. After casually looking for a home on and off for a few months my partner and I found a possible home during an open house on a Saturday. I contacted Propertybuyer on Tuesday and spoke with my buyers agent on Wednesday. By Thursday I was reading a comprehensive appraisal on the property and on the suburb and the market appraisal. On Friday and offer was made and a price negotiated and the offer was accepted. Propertybuyer arranged for an urgent review of the contract and I signed a contract on Friday afternoon. This all took place whilst working full time as a doctor without any need to take time off work. My buyers agent drove to my work with the contract, arranged for a deposit cheque to be delivered and most importantly prevented me from needing to have any contact with the vendor’s agent. I not have been more relaxed during this process (very unlike my past experiences). If it had not have been for Propertybuyer I am certain that things would have moved too quickly for this great property to become our home. From the moment that I called Propertybuyer I was impressed with the appraise and negotiate service. Receiving a call from the Managing Director and receiving an unexpected gift following the contract becoming unconditional highlights Propertybuyer's commitment to outstanding customer service. I highly recommend the team at Propertybuyer to assist with your next purchase.

“I could not have been more impressed with the service…”

Jason B, Doctor

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