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Greg’s Story

Eastern Suburbs Homebuyer

"..propertybuyer solved our concerns... "

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Location: Eastern Suburbs

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: 3 bedroom apartment in the City


We wanted to find a reasonably sized three bedroom apartment in the local area. We had done six months ground work but wanted access to off-market and negotiation help. Our main worries were not finding a property before our lease expired.


Propertybuyer solved our concerns by conducting the search, gave us price comparables, offered excellent negotiation tactics and helped with paperwork and logistics. Afterwards we felt very satisfied and it was well worth engaging propertybuyer. Anna was fantastic.

“Well worth it.  Anna was fantastic..”

Greg B, Portfolio Manager

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Greg & Mary had been looking for some time prior to engaging propertybuyer. IT was very interesting showing them properties they may not have thought about viewing or may not have had the opportunity to view in the past.

Anna Rorke