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Kirsty & Craig’s story

Hills District Homebuyer

"..secure our dream home... "

Location: Hills District

Price: $ 900,000

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: Family home in the Cheltenham Girls School catchment area


Having never attended an auction before it was a little daunting being corralled into the back garden of our prospective dream home. The auctioneer began talking at a thousand miles an hour, while several real estate agents circled amongst bidders and onlookers. The words of wisdom from Michael Caton gleaned from a couple of episodes of Hot Property they weren’t going to help us much now. Fortunately we had Matt Corbett from propertybuyer bidding for us. Matt had spent considerable time leading into the auction discussing the value of the property and also our bid limit. Matt then proceeded to secure our dream home over the most stressful 25 minutes we have ever experienced. His skill, experience and general calmness was a massive advantage for us and we have no doubt proved to be the difference when the auctioneer announced third and final call…SOLD and we realised the dream home was now ours. Having seen first-hand the advantage of having an expert bid for you as well as the preparation required leading into an auction we would have no hesitation in advocating the services of Matt Corbett in particular and a bidding agent in general and wouldn’t consider any other option should we ever be faced with the daunting task of another auction.

“Having see first-hand the advantage of having an expert bid for you…”

Julian, CEO

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