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Natalie & Clint’s story

Northern Beaches Homebuyer

"..gave us such piece of mind.... "

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Location: Northern Beaches

Price: $ 900,000

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: 3 bedroom house on the Northern Beaches


We had been watching the real estate market online and in the paper for over a year but found ourselves way out of our depth when we actually started viewing properties. We found the Sydney property market to be very expensive, very fast moving and very intimidating. We were first time buyers who could not afford the type of house we would ideally like to live in on the Northern Beaches and so followed up on the recommendation from our mortgage broker to investigate the services of a ‘Buyer’s Agent’. Matt Corbett is propertybuyer’s Northern Beaches expert. He was really patient and excellent in his questions which helped us to define our brief and prioritise what was important to us. Armed with a brief, Matt then hit all the listings hard and followed up on all potential properties as soon as they came up. It gave us such piece of mind to know that we were in safe hands and had someone on our side to help us navigate our way through what could typically be a very stressful and frustrating journey. We had a 9 month old son at the time so having someone on the road viewing properties as soon as they came up fast forwarded the whole process enormously.

I think it look less than 4 weeks to find what is now our first home in Sydney and we are very happy with the house, the location and the price we paid for it. Matt was very friendly and professional. He knows his stuff and advised us very well in all of our decision making, but added to this, he is just a really nice guy, which meant we were totally comfortable and at ease with him and felt we could be very honest with him. I think he is a top negotiator and we were very happy that he was on our side. We won the house in a tender process and later found out that we had won it by a mere $113!

We would highly recommend properbuyer, and Matt Corbett in particular. He really took the pain and frustration out of the process. Thanks to him and his team, our experience of buying a house was easy and straight forward.

“…really took the pain and frustration out of our process.”

Natalie & Client, Interior Designer & IT Manager

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