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Natalie’s Story

Northern Beaches Homebuyer

"..recommend to anyone contemplating purchasing a property at auction.... "

Location: Northern Beaches

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: Auction Bidding


My husband and I were totally in love with a property which was for sale via auction. We were initially confident and excited about the prospect of bidding, but as the day drew nearer we were suddenly both filled with anxiety and dread. I was quite surprised by this, given I have extensive knowledge of building and renovating, but suddenly turning my kids cubby house into a 3 storey home seemed like a better idea than bidding at auction.


Fortunately, someone recommended the services of Property Buyer and after discovering the associated fees were quite small in comparison to the price of the property going to auction, we engaged Nick Taylor-Fick to act as our bidding agent.

Come auction day it was quite a surreal experience. We were simultaneously overwhelmed by the tense atmosphere of the auction but also strangely reassured knowing Nick was there to assist. Up against 3 strong bidders Nick was completely cool and poker faced and we knew in that moment we had made the right decision. Unlike Nick, we had anxiety written all over us but that was ok since neither the auctioneer nor our competitors knew who Nick was bidding for. When the hammer finally came down after lots of intense bidding, the crowd suddenly became aware of who Nick was bidding for – the two nervous wrecks up the back hugging and kissing with tears in their eyes!

We cannot thank Nick and Property Buyer enough for helping us secure our dream home. We have no doubt in our minds that our tears of joy would have instead been tears of despair on auction day, had we tried bidding by ourselves. Therefore, we would thoroughly recommend to anyone contemplating purchasing a property at auction, let Nick take on the crowd for you. Even if you are not the successful bidder on the day, you will at least have peace of mind knowing Nick has given you the best possible chance for success.

“…our tears of joy would have instead been tears of despair on auction day, had we tried bidding by ourselves.”

Natalie A., Design Director

Buyers' Agent:

Natalie and Martin found a house of their dreams but felt anxious about bidding at auction. We discussed the property and some relevant sales which enabled them to arrive at a price they felt comfortable as their maximum bid limit. I also explained my auction strategy to them.  The auction was on-site and was well attended by many people and ten registered bidders, including one other buyers agent.  The bidding got off to a flying start with rapid price jumps until a point was reached where I entered. Being well positioned, confident and with a realistic budget ended up with me being the successful bidder and under my clients maximum bid limit. There were tears and hugs of joy from Natalie and Martin and I was very happy to be able to represent them with a successful purchase of the house of their dreams.

Nick Taylor-Fick

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