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Peter’s Story

Northern Beaches Homebuyer

"..saving tens, maybe hundreds of thousands.... "

Location: Northern Beaches

Buyer type: Homebuyer


To secure our chosen property at a reasonable price. I felt very uncomfortable about doing it myself. We are new to the area and did not have a feel for values in the local market. I felt unprepared to enter negotiations. I was worried about irrational pricing, strong competition, negotiating tactics and inexperience in the local market.


Prior, Matt was on the phone to me for about an hour after I had signed the forms with propertybuyer. He was calm, rational but moved very efficiently going from property inspection to finalising negotiations in 2 days. The entire family was ecstatic. We couldn’t believe how quickly it all happened. Most people try to analyse the cost to see if they are getting value. They are missing the true value of the service provided which is saving tens, maybe hundreds of thousands. Sometimes you need to put pride to the side. If you don’t buy and sell every week then chances are you will be on the wrong end of negotiations. I have no doubt it was the best decision we made before buying.

“I have no doubt it was the best decision we made before buying.”

Peter M., Chartered Accountant

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Peter had found an ideal home for his family but he was unsure of the value and uncomfortable in the negotiation process. Unlike many, Peter was smart enough to know his limitations and hence engaged our services. We inspected the property within 24 hours and completed our appraisal the following day. We then commenced negotiations and simultaneously organised a pest and building inspection the following morning before submitting an unconditional contract and consequently securing the property. Peter and his family were thrilled.

Matt Corbett

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