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Russell & Scarlett’s Story

Lower North Shore Homebuyer

"..they saved us from spending $75,000 extra.... "

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Location: Lower North Shore

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: Appraise and negotiate home purchase


We wanted to purchase a 4-5 bedroom house in the Lower North Shore with a yard or pool, car space, in a convenient location and low density location. The appraise and negotiate service suited us as we were only struggling negotiating with the agent. We were worried the agent was using our offer to bid up the market and then going with someone he knew/preferred.


Propertybuyer could use their connections, relationships and negotiation strategies with the agent and afterwards we felt great and relieved! If you are thinking of engaging propertybuyer it may seem like a big investment but in the end it is well worth while as they saved us from spending $75,000 extra and guaranteed we were always the first to hear of any other offers by other parties.

“…guaranteed we were always the first to hear of any other offers by other parties.”

Russell & Scarlett G., Analyst

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Scarlett and Russell had missed on a few properties over the last 12 months and since selling their home in April, they were more anxious than ever to secure their next home. They were willing to pay well in excess of the final price we negotiated, so my role was to secure the property whilst keeping as much money in their pockets as possible. They were both thrilled with the outcome and looking forward to their new lives in the North Shore.

Matt Corbett

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