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Alan & Susie’s Story

QLD Investor

"..completely trustworthy and highly skilled... "

Location: QLD

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: 3rd investment property, 1st time using a Buyers’ Agent


To purchase an investment property with great prospects plus “pays for itself” rent. It was not an option to do it all myself. I want an expert in finding great investment properties to find my investment properties.


Propertybuyer went over the advantages and reasons as to why to buy in a certain area and I felt pleased with the rental agent they suggested and pleased with the property. We have had great success with propertybuyer. Do your own research but we have found them very good.
“We have had great success with them.”
Buyers’ Advocate,

“We have had great success with them.”

Katie H., Business Owner

Buyers' Agents Comments:

Katie was looking for a positive yield but also something with future development potential – this can be very difficult to find. Through my network of agents I located a property that was not on the internet and very hard to gain access. The seller would not allow open houses or any advertising so I inspected the property on behalf of Katie and put it under contract immediately as it was around $20,000 under market value. Through our referral of a fantastic managing agent a tenant was found immediately at a higher rent than expected.

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