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Aman’s Story

QLD Investor

"..I look forward to working with him again... "

Location: QLD

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Low maintenance investment with good yield and decent capital growth.


I was looking for an investment property which could generate capital gain over time while having a decent yield to support mortgage payments. The property ideally should have least maintenance and be within 10 – 15km radius of the CBD. My first attempt was to look into 3 markets – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. While I had a decent knowledge and network in Sydney, the market was blowing out of proportion and did not suit me as an investor. I already have some properties in Melbourne so the next market I was keen on investing was Brisbane. I knew nothing about the market so spent a lot of time investigating it. But what I lacked was intelligence and the expert background. I was three months into search and could not identify the right property due to the fear of unknown. It was also taking too much of my time. The main fears all circled around “what if”. I did not have the right intel to take a decision. Being based overseas made it all the more difficult. I needed someone I could trust on ground to give me all the information I needed to take a call.


Property buyer offered:

  1. All the intel I needed on the properties that were being shortlisted. So the risk taking became calculated rather than open.
  2. A dedicated manager who knew the goings on ground.
  3. Peace of mind that I was working with experts in the field who had my interest in mind.
  4. Time saving was tremendous. I could focus on my work and left all the hunting, evaluating, and recommending to Property Buyer.

After I felt relaxed and confident. I would surely use their services next time I am thinking of buying an investment property. For a peace of mind, time saving and ending up with the right property at a right price its best to use Property Buyer. While it may look expensive at first, but if you look at all the time you save along with the money on the negotiations as well as intelligence you get – it’s all worth it. I would like to particularly thank Stewart, who was patient, understanding and went beyond his normal call of work to make me comfortable. I was very sceptical at first, but Stewart took all the worries off my plate and made them his. He was professional and prompt on communication. His timely feedback and prompt actions help me secure the right property. I look forward to working with him again.

“…look at all the time you save along with the money on the negotiations as well as intelligence you get – it’s all worth it.”

Aman K., Global Marketing Manager

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