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Brendan’s Story

QLD Investor

"..the process is worth every cent.... "

Location: QLD

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Investment to sell in a few years


We wanted to buy an investment property with a view to sell in a few years in order to fund a home of our own. The idea of doing everything ourselves was incredibly daunting. We work very different schedules and could not buy locally, making inspecting properties together nearly impossible without taking time off work. Even then, the time taken together to inspect properties tended to be wasted as many properties were unsuitable, and those which were suitable often sold quickly. Our main concern was buying a money pit! While my partner had bought a house before, I had not, so knowing the dangers to look for was not an easy task.


Stewart explained clearly the process of buying a home, outlined the best areas (and why our choices of area weren’t necessarily the best for investment) and took care of all the legwork. If there was a problem or drawback to a property, he would outline the real-world effect of this, whether it was a deal breaker, and whether the house itself represented value for money.

He was also very clear as to the relationship between investment and growth, which was excellent for a financial novice like myself.

In terms of the house we bought, it was among the first three Stewart showed us, and I don’t think we looked at more than 10 in total. The process was extremely well tailored to our wants and needs.

I feel incredibly relieved, and believe the process it worth every cent. I was very nervous of buying a property and Stewart could allay my concerns with concise information and a great deal of patience. Because of the diligence, he has shown on my behalf I am confident with the property purchased even though I haven’t physically visited it.

If you know nothing about property or work a 50 hour week (or, like me, fit both of those descriptors), I’d highly recommend propertybuyer. Their professionalism and attention to detail is not only excellent but incredibly reassuring, and no question is too much trouble or too strange for them to answer. We had 5 months of searching fruitlessly by ourselves in what little spare time we had, followed by buying a property with propertybuyer in less than a month. The results speak for themselves.

At the very least, have a chat to discuss your needs, read through the services and ask questions. The pre-contract information was incredibly helpful and the post-sale care is still ongoing while we prepare the property for rent. You get a truly excellent service here.

“The results speak for themselves…you get a truly excellent service here.”

Brendan J., Editor

Buyers' Agent:

The client initially wanted to look at Hobart as an option however once we provided our detailed research and discussed at length the benefits of the Brisbane market they were happy to go with our advice.  As with all clients they wanted to ensure the investment was going to work over the long term and also wanted an easy process, utilising our network of service providers (solicitor / building inspector / property manager & tradies ) filled this need.

We purchased a brick home in a family suburb on a large corner block, it needed some cosmetic renovations which we were happy to assist with.  I was always available including after hours and weekends to answer any concerns the client had, I believe this sets us apart from competitors and leads to client satisfaction and referrals.

Stewart Fraser

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