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Catherine’s Story

QLD Investor

"..listened to my needs and delivered.... "

Location: QLD

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Financial security


I want to achieve financial security. I knew without propertybuyer, it is time consuming. I didn’tknow where to look. I can’t get the data experts have access to. I was fearful I would make the wrong purchase in the wrong area at the wrong time as I have already done.


Professional support gives me confidence I am buying the right property. Stewart was very good at analysing my needs. I am very happy with my purchase and am confident it will do well. Propertybuyer listened to my needs and delivered. Stewart was always available through the whole purchasing process and made sure everything was done and went smoothly. He helped me stay focus. I feel pleased, relieved as I have been procrastinating for the last 2 years and now ready to do it again. I am very happy to recommend to anyone.

“I am very happy to recommend to anyone.”

Catherine D., Aestheticienne

Buyers' Agent:

Working with Markoss and Kristina was a very smooth process. They trusted my instincts when I found an off-market property within the first week of them coming on board with propertybuyer. They were time-poor, both having highly stressful jobs in the banking sector but they were analytical and very specific in their requirements. As always, the key was to uncover their needs quickly, some of which were unspoken and focus on finding them a property that matched their brief. The next step was to secure it and the greatest advantage I had was a very sound and respectful relationship with the sales agent in conjunction with a vendor that did not want open homes. The result was the purchase of a great property with minimal competition and consequently a very fair price!

Stewart Fraser

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