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Qian’s Story

Western Suburbs Investor

"..strong local knowledge and professionalism... "

Location: Western Suburbs

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Wanted a high yield investment


Being young and working in financial services myself, I am well aware that the “default” way (super, managed fund) hardly deliver the goal of financial freedom or a work-free retirement.  My goal is to create a portfolio of passive income properties to out-scale my human resource.  Being in the analyst profession I’m highly analytical and risk-adverse.  This has limited my ability to act on my analysis.  I was also a bit intimidated by the effort and time to scout individual deals.   My main worries and fears were that I would buy a “lemon” property due to limited experience and couldn’t achieve the positive yield.


Stewart listed a dozen properties over a six month period.  I gradually built knowledge about the targeted area which helped eventually score a deal off market.  I’m reasonable happy with the result although I probably entered the market a bit late in the cycle.  I couldn’t have scored a better deal without propertybuyer’s help.    Everyone engages a buyer’s agent for different reasons, however, you need someone like Stewart with strong local knowledge and professionalism on your team.  You’re not buying only property, but also educational experience that benefits your property journey.

“I couldn’t have scored a better deal without propertybuyer’s help.”

Qian B, Financial Analyst

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Qian was worried that Sydney prices had already gone too high, however we proved through our network of agents that we could still buy well under market value.  We even found one with a granny flat which saved Qian time and money in construction.

Stewart Fraser

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