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    Commercial property provides a solid platform to build your real estate portfolio due to three unique drivers:

    • Reliable cashflow from long term leases (great for super funds!)
    • Relatively high yields and commercial real estate tenants usually pay the expenses including levies!
    • Capital growth from locations in commercial centres with immediate capital uplift possible from leasing the premises and longer term uplift possible through refurbishment, change of use or (re)development.

    While commercial real estate can be a highly profitable exercise, there are additional risks involved compared to residential property and it takes considerable research skill and due diligence to locate a top performing commercial property in Australia.

    If you buy the wrong type of commercial property, in the wrong area, at the wrong time, or do not complete adequate due diligence, rectifying the mistake is likely to be an expensive exercise. It therefore makes sense to get independent advice and local knowledge from someone who is acting in YOUR best interests, to help find the most suitable commercial property for YOU.

    Propertybuyer will identify locations and commercial property types that best fit your financial capacity, risk profile, investment criteria and long term portfolio objectives. Our buyers’ advocates  provide a tailored property search and acquisition solution that will save you both time and money.

    We regularly access off-market commercial properties (silent sales) and we can help you secure these properties before other buyers have even heard about them. As specialised Sydney and Brisbanebuyer’s agents, our contacts will help you gain access to a much wider variety of investment real estate opportunities than just approaching individual agencies, real estate agents, brokers or developers.  We cater for buyers, as well as those looking to lease or rent, and work with all budgets from $300k to $100m+.

    We cover the following property types for owner occupiers and investors: 

    • Strata office suites and freehold buildings
    • Retail
    • Mixed use buildings (including shop-top housing)
    • Industrial facilities (eg. warehouses)
    • Medical facilities
    • Shopping Centres
    • Hotels/ Leisure facilities
    • Land development
    • DA approved sites

    How the Process Works 

    We will help you find, appraise and purchase the ideal commercial property for your specific requirements and capitalise on the best investment opportunities. This includes providing access to extensive market research throughout Australia on recent sales and market trends and giving you impartial and objective advice on the best opportunities in the investment property market.

    Once you are satisfied that the property meets your all your requirements and we have completed all the due diligence, including our opinion of that property’s value, we will we move to secure that property for you as quickly and efficiently as possible for the lowest possible price. In that way, working with a buyer’s’ agent removes a lot of the risk attached to buying property, especially in the commercial field.  We’ll ensure that it’s a sound investment and, if it is, we ensure that you’re the one who secures it.  

    Whether you’re looking to buy or lease commercial property in Sydney or Brisbane, Propertybuyer will assist you getting the most out of your investment. If you are looking for a commercial property in other capital cities (Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin or Canberra) – just ask us for a referral to our trusted buyers agents network in other states.

    Our buyer’s agent fees are affordable, competitive and may be tax deductible for investors (check with your accountant).

    To help decide whether commercial property is right for you and arrange a FREE consultation, please contact us on 1300 655 615.
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