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Our Team

Propertybuyer are more than just buyers’ agents – we are buyer’s advocates. We have your best interests at heart. Our multi-award winning team are passionate about real estate and have the experience, qualifications and industry know-how to be trusted partner in helping you secure your next property purchase.

Rich HarveyManaging Director

Rich is the President of REBAA (Real Estate Buyers’ Agent Association), a licensed real estate buyers’ agent, property investor and professional economist with over 20 years experience in the property industry. Rich specialises in the prestige/luxury, commercial and investment property markets. Rich holds a Master of Economics from Macquarie University. A research expert and highly skilled in investment analysis and negotiation techniques that can deliver real savings for his clients, Rich understands the future trends in the property market and knows which suburbs are likely to have the greatest capital growth potential. Rich freely shares his knowledge, contacts and experience with his clients so they can build wealth through property investment.  He is a recognised media commentator on property matters in the Financial Review, Domain, Herald, YIP, API and SPI magazines and keynote speaker at the Sydney and Melbourne Property Shows and regularly appears on Sky Business.

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Introducing Rich Harvey – Watch Rich’s Video Profile

Rich’s recent podcast – Are Buyers’ Agents Worth the Money?

Email:Rich Harvey Office:02 9975 3311 Mobile:0402 267 703

Jason LowManager - Client Relations & Strategy

Jason is a licensed real estate buyers’ agent and has been a successful property investor for over 20 years. He has also led in some of the largest global and national corporations, negotiating multimillion dollar contracts and assisting fortune 500 organisations in achieving their growth goals. Jason has a Masters in Marketing and a comprehensive tertiary education relating to Real Estate, Business Management, Business Coaching and Psychology. He has outstanding communication, analytical and negotiation skills with his key drivers in property investment strategy and analysis, quality improvement and client satisfaction. Jason’s work ethic, attention to detail coupled with his passion and dedication for real estate and client satisfaction makes him an extremely invaluable member of the propertybuyer team.

Introducing Jason Low – Watch Jason’s Video Profile

Email:Jason Low Office:02 9975 3311

Matt Portrait

Matt CorbettSenior Buyers' Advocate

Matt is a licensed real estate buyers’ agent with extensive experience in purchasing residential homes and investment properties for a large variety of clients. Matt has a fabulous understanding of individual client’s needs and a passion for negotiation. He is diligent, persistent and reliable. Matt strives to ensure value for his clients, by being totally committed to attaining the best possible price and contract terms, on the most suitable property available. Matt previously owned two highly successful businesses. The ethical nature of his previous profession has instilled in him a sense of trust, sincerity and integrity. His numerous client testimonials demonstrate his impeccable qualities of excellence, dedication and trust.

Introducing Matt Corbett – Watch Matt’s Video Profile

Email:Matt Corbett Office:02 9975 3311

Anna RorkeBuyers' Advocate

Anna has over 20 years of experience as a property investor and remains personally active the market. Her experience of multiple property cycles has given her the ability to quickly adjust to market conditions and adjust her negotiation tactics to meet the current market; giving her clients the best possible outcome.

Anna’s extremely high referral rate and regular multiple property acquisitions for her clients, makes her an invaluable team member at propertybuyer. Her keen interest in Interior Design and the ability to look at a property to assess any upside helps her clients secure a property that will optimise the return and gain in years to come.

Through her effective communication skills and in-depth understanding of the Sydney property market, she brings a high level of personal service and success to her clients. Anna has an in-depth knowledge of the Eastern suburbs and Inner-West market and loves to delight her clients with positive energy and high standards.

Introducing Anna Rorke – Watch Anna’s Video Profile

Email:Anna Rorke Office:02 9975 3311

Stewart FraserBuyers' Advocate

Stewart offers a wealth of experience in real estate having honed his skills as both a sales agent and buyers’ agent over 10 years. A keen negotiator, Stewart provides his clients with knowledge of the Sydney and Australia-wide markets. Stewart has purchased over 400 properties at auction and by private treaty. His detailed knowledge of the purchasing process and strong buyer empathy has proved to be a great advantage for his clients in terms of negotiation and communication. Stewart worked in his grandfather’s thriving Eastern suburbs real estate office before enjoying an 11 year career with the NSW Police where he received the Police Medal for Ethical Service. His is a regular volunteer with the Salvation Army, an avid property investor and a licensed real estate buyers’ agent and Auctioneer with a degree in Social Sciences and Psychology. Stewart is supported by a team of professionals to assist you in buying your property.

Introducing Stewart Fraser – Watch Stewart’s Video Profile

Email:Stewart Fraser Office:02 9975 3311

Kevin MasonBuyers' Advocate - Investment Specialist

Kevin is an award winning buyers’ advocate in both NSW & QLD and his experience enables Kevin to purchase properties Australia wide encompassing more than 21yrs experience including a background in construction which proves invaluable for his clients. Having been involved in over 1,400 transactions has helped Kevin hone his excellent skills in finding & choosing the most favourable properties for his clients and assisting in manufacturing extra value where possible thus improving yield and growth.

As a high achieving property investor himself Kevin can best be described as tenacious, hard working, energetic, a great negotiator with a commitment to excellence. With an extensive network Australia wide, Kevin knows where the best opportunities are and will help guide you through the process of building wealth through a property portfolio.

Kevin is incredibly versatile and his expertise includes:

  • Locating and uncovering unique investment properties Australia wide
  • Cash flow positive properties
  • Locating blocks of units all on one title suitable to individually strata
  • Locating properties suitable for renovate for profit strategies
  • Locating land suitable for duplex/dual living strategies
  • Locating properties for subdivision/dual occupancy/townhouse strategies (more…)
Email:Kevin Mason Office:02 9975 3311

Nicholas Taylor-FickBuyers' Advocate

Nick is a licensed real estate valuer and buyers’ agent with over 20 years property experience.

During Nick’s career he has built an exceptional understanding of the complex factors impacting property value and how strategic purchases can influence an owners potential for capital gain. Combined with his customer-focused capability negotiating, and sharp technical insight, he is exceptionally well-placed to identify properties that match the personal and financial aspirations of homeowners and investors. Nick has an in-depth knowledge of Sydney’s Northern suburbs, Hills District, Eastern suburbs, Western Suburbs, North Shore and Inner West and Central Coast markets.  Nick has great empathy with clients and really aims to understand their needs, both present and future, to identify the best possible properties that match these needs.  His tenacious and relentless auction and negotiation skills will save you money.

In additional to residential experience, Nick has outstanding skills with commercial property.   He has developed long term relationships with a wide range of agents to source pre and off market opportunities to give his clients the edge when buying. His analytical skills using numerous research portals including council websites and live market data provides his buyers with the key advantage.

His in-depth knowledge of the Sydney market, excellent  communication skills and buyers empathy brings a total commitment to his clients.

Email:Nicholas Taylor-Fick Office:02 9975 3311

Roy NassarBuyers' Agent, small scale development projects and value adding

Roy is very passionate and enthusiastic about property development and is a firm believer that real estate is the safest medium to reach financial freedom and accumulate wealth. Surrounded by developers, business men and engineers his entire life, Roy is also a fully qualified architect.  Roy is an expert in the Australian real estate market and was one of the top performing agents in his previous company where he went on to win the national, Rookie of the Year award. He has also been directly involved in selling $120M AUD worth of property to investors generating an additional $11M AUD in equity. Specialising in subdivisions, duplexes, townhouses and other small scale developments, Roy has been directly involved in more than 280 property deals!  Roy is proud of his long standing relationships with past clients and strives to present the absolute best opportunities for each one going forward.

Email:Roy Nassar Office:02 9975 3311

David HayterCommercial Buyers’ Agent / Research Analyst

Working directly with the Buyers’ Advocates and Investment specialists, David plays a critical role in assisting the buyers’ advocates in all aspects of property research and evaluation. He has excellent expertise in sourcing commercial property, assisting clients find new business premises and commercial investors find suitable assets.  With previous experience as a senior administrator and mortgage broker with exposure to sales, no request is too much trouble for David and this enables the buyers’ advocates to focus on providing outstanding and tailored customer service to their clients. David also facilitates the buying process by arranging pest and building inspections and liaising with strata managers and conveyancers. David also regularly prepares research reports on emerging markets to identify potential investor hot spots. Soon completing a Master in Construction Management, David has a passionate interest in all aspects of real estate and relishes keeping up to date with property trends Australia wide. His outstanding industry knowledge and dedication to the role as well as his warm personality and genuine enthusiasm make him a valuable asset to the team.

Email:David Hayter Office:02 9975 3311

Alicia FriskinExecutive Assistant

With over 15 years experience in marketing and administration, Alicia plays a vital role in managing all enquiries which come through propertybuyer. Always reliable and with a ‘nothing is too hard’ attitude, Alicia thrives on being the support person for the team and greets every day with a smile and integrity. Alicia’s high standards of excellence and efficiency ensure a premium service is always delivered at propertybuyer.

Email:Alicia Friskin Office:02 9975 3311

Lachlan FraserAssistant Buyers’ Advocate

Lachlan is a passionate and committed individual who is determined to gain experience and become a leading Buyers’ Advocate in the St George and Sutherland Shire. Lachlan has grown up surrounded by the real estate industry and has known from a young age that this would be the direction of his career. Having lived in the Sutherland Shire for many years, Lachlan has fallen in love with the area and its residents. In a short space of time, he has built up an extensive network of real estate agents in the area and gains great satisfaction from securing great properties for clients. Lachlan demonstrates his impressive research skills to identify properties that will best match with his clients requirements and provides a truly tailored service.

Email:Lachlan Fraser Office:02 9975 3311