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Buyers' Agents - Your key to smarter buying™

We’re on your side - Let our independent, expert buyers’ agents help you find your dream residential home or investment property today.

Propertybuyer is the most awarded buyers’ agency in Australia. We represent you - the buyer - throughout the process of buying real estate; helping you find, decide on, negotiate and secure the property that’s right for you.

Our buyers’ advocates save customers both time and money by providing the experience, knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the right decision is made and the entire purchasing process runs smoothly.

Once you engage a buyers’ agent we stay with you through every step of your purchasing journey and you are able to contact your agent at any time of the day or night.

We also take care of the smaller details, like organising removals or utilities and all other aspects that come with buying a house – providing you with a full service that reduces complication and eliminates stress.

Our buyer’s advocates have connections and relationships with alliances in all areas of the property industry and can use these relationships to get you better deals or put you in contact with the best services.

Seven reasons to choose Propertybuyer

  1. Personalised concierge service – Our buyers' advocates work tirelessly to find your ideal property and are on hand 24/7 to speak with.

  2. Team approach – Our team members have decades of real life experience in property. You don’t want to engage a newbie buyers’ agent for your most expensive purchase.

  3. Research Expertise – With real-time data at our fingertips, and a full time research analyst and valuer on our team, we provide comprehensive research.

  4. Access off market properties - Agents call us first with new listings and off market opportunities. Our established network of selling agents means you can get first preference on new listings.

  5. The Most Awarded and TrustedSee our 28 Awards for Excellence! We’ve been independently judged to be the best in our field.

  6. Trusted partner – Rich Harvey, Founder and CEO was one of the early pioneers of buyers’ agency. With over 15 years leading Propertybuyer he is an expert commentator and regularly interviewed by the media (see media profile). Rich is also the President of the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Association.

  7. Independence/ Exclusivity – There are no hidden kickbacks as we have no conflicts of interest and represent the buyer exclusively.

The latest from Rich's Blog

If you’re buying a property or investing in real estate it’s smart to have an experienced property expert in your corner. Our accredited buyers’ agents combine years of experience with in-depth research and current industry knowledge to ensure you make the best possible decision when buying a house or investment property.

Propertybuyer’s team of buyer’s agents is made up of reliable and qualified experts who have proven their credibility in the Australian property market.

Our customers know they can rely on us for honest, trustworthy advice and personalised, dependable assistance. In fact, most of our customers today are made up of returning customers, past clients and referrals.

Why we are the number 1 Buyers' Agency in Sydney & Australia:

Stop sacrificing your weekends and get a personal property broker to search the real estate market on your behalf. Your buyers’ agent will find every property that matches your specifications and present you with a shortlist of the best properties for sale.

Our experts will then set up inspections and visit the homes with you, offering expert advice and helping you negotiate the right price when you’ve settled on the property you want.

  • Finding it difficult and stressful to find, negotiate and secure your dream family home in Sydney? Let our accredited buyers' agents search the market and use their experience and skill to secure you the perfect property.

  • Are you in the market for a luxury home? Our buyers’ agents will navigate the competitive Sydney real estate market and find you the very best on and off-market homes for sale.

  • Find top performing investment property and get a customised investment strategy from our real estate investment experts to help you meet your financial goals.

  • Propertybuyer doesn’t sell property, but if you are selling a home we offer vendor advocacy services and provide advice to help you find the agents who are best to list your home.

  • Are you looking for commercial property? Don’t waste time and money searching on your own. Our specialised buyers’ agents will find you a property for your business or the best commercial real estate to invest in.

  • Real estate finance can be complicated. We’ll put you in contact with a trustworthy and accredited mortgage broker who will help you establish the best finance structure and organise your pre-approval seamlessly.

What we do:

  1. Create your “Property Brief” – Get clarity on where to look and what to choose.

  2. Provide Research on the target suburbs and areas – tap into our extensive research capability.

  3. Search and Shortlist suitable properties – Save time as we sort the good from the bad.

  4. Appraise and negotiate – We’ll tell you what it’s really worth then negotiate or bid on your behalf.

  5. Due diligence and exchange – the essential step to protect your interests and beat other buyers to the finish line.

Engaging our services is easy – Just call us today on 1300 655 615 to discuss your needs or email us your wishlist/ property brief. You will need to complete our buyers' agency agreement which is a simple contract that appoints Propertybuyer to search and negotiate exclusively on your behalf. We charge a fixed fee so there is no conflict of interest with percentage fees. A retainer fee is payable upfront and a success fee is payable once the property contract becomes unconditional (upon exchange).

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top 10 tips for buying your next homeThis guide will give you excellent tips to ensure you are well on your way to becoming a happy home owner!

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